Anti-Ad Fraud Technology

Combating the negative impact of fraudulent traffic through best practices & industry leading tools.

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ProData employs a variety of solutions to ensure that all campaigns achieve their goals, and in particular, are guarded for fraud prevention.

Now, more than ever, the industry is rampant with illegal and illicit click and impression fraud. While no solution can ever be "fraud free", ProData utilizes proprietary solutions, industry leading tools, and certifications to ensure that we are providing quality services which are solely geared for anti-fraud ad technologies.

Eliminate Click Fraud

  • Every click and impression which enters the ProData network is run through proprietary and commercial anti-fraud systems.
  • Each click is assigned a "fraud score" and provided as downloadable reporting.
  • All traffic passed through ProData is MRC and IVT compliant.

Traffic Filtering

  • ProData provides our "digital rooftop" solutions to ensure proper hyper-targeting for geo-location.
  • If the click or impression does not match the requested digital rooftop locale, it is flatly rejected.
  • User-agent, device and other digital fingerprint filtering is permissible across the ProData platform. This allows for pinpoint targeting and ensuring visitor traffic matches client demographic requirements.

Certifications & Auditing

  • ProData is also pending Google 3PAS approval, which should be awarded in Q3-2016.
  • Lastly, ProData provides full transparency for all campaigns, including audit logs of bidding, click/impression rejections and click/impression winning bids. Audit log data is available upon request for particular campaigns for up to 12-months following campaign completion.
  • Trustworthy Accountability Group ‘Certified Against Fraud

  • Google 3PAS Certified

  • Google Partner, Adwords & Analytics Certified

  • Facebook Blueprint Certified