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The notion of "build it and they will come" has long been gone on the Internet -- and now more so than ever on mobile apps as well. To build an app, and not allocate a budget for marketing squanders development costs and resources, preventing adoption of often fantastic apps which are not discovered by mobile users.

ProData provides mobile app install and engagement campaigns across a variety of networks and publishers, including:

When creating a mobile app install or engagement campaign, it's important to consider the below ideas:


How are you going to stand out from marketing clutter at a first glance?


What about your ad is actually compelling, or piques curiosity in the reader to learn more?


How are you going to convince the reader that they NEED to download your app, and convey its urgency?


Directly prompt the reader to download your app with a call to action (CTA)

Why ProData for App Install Campaigns?

When launching an app install campaign, it's vital to work with a company who understands proper audience targeting. ProData knows how to take data sets and model those to larger look-alike audiences, across multiple networks and publishers.

App Store Experience

ProData has worked both at the App Store level and at the developer level for Apple iTunes, Google Play and Amazon storefronts.

Knowing how to market apps properly within both storefronts and the verticals within increases the likelihood of success of user adoption for apps.