ProData specializes in direct email campaigns; utilizing your existing list, or allowing us to tap into our database of over 200 million email addresses for highly targeted marketing.

Targeted Email Marketing – when marketing via email, we typically request a small portion of your in-house email list. Using this data, we are able to “model” a similar data set against our larger database, along with your data selects (for example: gender, age, house hold income, presence of children, and nearly 100 other attributes). With this data, we are then able to validate the email list and begin the campaign fulfillment process.

Email messages may be sent in text or HTML, including standard and responsive creatives. Responsive creatives are utilized for mobile and table devices to improve readability and ultimately achieves a higher response rate.
ProData can accept your camera ready email creative, or you may utilize our Creative Services to design and build your creative.

All ProData email services include:

If you are providing your own list, ProData does require that your list has been verified within the last 30-days. All list data which is client provided undergoes a hygiene process to ensure its “clean” and deliverable – and lastly is provided at the end of the campaign including status codes (e.g. bounce, click, unsubscribe, open).

  • Email Reporting – ProData’s email reporting is some of the best in the industry. Our reporting is generated in real-time and is always available, at your finger tips – no need to request reporting or wait for an account representative to generate it for you. We are fully transparent and want you to see exactly what we see – when you want and need the reporting!
  • Email Retargeting – a new and exciting capability exists which allows us to target the openers and clickers of an email creative to further the branding using our display ad retargeting services. This additional service allows ProData to extend your campaign to the actionable email recipients across multiple display networks including Google, Facebook and beyond for up to 6-months following the completion of your email campaign.

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