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Hyper-targeted mobile campaigns across Android, iOS and mobile-web

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Harness mobile advertising using ProData’s unique hypertargeting platform. Integrated into the top mobile  networks and our own publishers, we give you reach into Android, iOS and the mobile web like never before. With multiple ad formats available–including abstract banners, video, and proprietary ads – we can give you the exposure you’re seeking with an emphasis on ROI.

App Information Includes :

Abstract Banners

New and exciting creative formats that let your message expand into full-motion transparent overlays over content (app and mobile-web).

Abstract Banners with Video

Video ads across in-app, mobile web and Facebook

HD Video

Replace boring old banners with engaging video and rise from the bottom, overlaying content.

Banner Info Ad

Traditional in-app banner ads

AppWall Info Ad

Displayed in natural breaks within app sessions and display a variety of offers that can deliver rich media such as video and app downloads.

Dialog Info Ad

Launches in an unobtrusive manner when an app is in-use, and is available to engage at the user's discretion. Most common for “click to call” campaigns.

Landing Info Ad

Rich interactive experiences, such as forms or animation placed directly into an ad.

Overlay Info Ad

Overlay ads enable advertisers to drive unique engagement by presenting highly relevant offers directly inside the app via unique overlays on top of app content.