Dynamic Retargeting

Bring visitors back to your website for increased conversions

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ProData's retargeting drives sales for e-commerce businesses and more, intelligently converting shoppers with dynamic, personalized ads.

Cross-device Advertising

Engage shoppers across desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Our direct relationships with publishers allow priority access to ensure highly visible placement.

Facebook Advertising

The ProData platform tightly integrates with the Facebook Ad Exchange, supporting dynamic product ads, delivering highly relevant offers based upon the shoppers digital experience.

Mobile App Integration

With ProData’s platform, you have access to thousands of apps across iOS and Android devices, including direct relationships with app publishers and mobile exclusive ad networks.

Dynamic Retargeting with ProData is achieved through display ads across a variety of web sites, mobile apps and social networks. With ProData, In each campaign we collect “cookies” from our visitors — whether through text ads, display ads, email or normal website traffic — we have the ability to create a new dynamic retargeting campaign based upon the traffic generated.

Moreover, if you have a need for expanding your footprint of existing web visitors, you can take advantage of our “Vertical Cookie Pool” technology. Vertical Cookie Pooling allows us to hyper-target similarly profiled web visitors and extend your retargeting campaign to those web visitors. By using this technology, ProData can rapidly increase web traffic to prospective web visitors who have previously expressed a similar interest or intent.